Bambarra Trouvadore is the latest addition to the Bambarra family of rums. This premium, well rounded sipping rum is blended from some of the Caribbean’s oldest rum stocks, being aged for a minimum of 15 years in oak casks. Competitively priced, this rum will not last long and will soon be a collector’s item, this is a must have for any serious rum lover.


Premium Aged Rum


Extremely Smooth. Trouvadore’s honey gold color is brighter than you’d expect from a rum that spent 15 years in oak. But let it out of the bottle, and in your glass, suggestive legs form slowly, run long, and drip even more slowly down the sides. The aromas reveal a substantial, almost oily texture in your nose, with vanilla, caramel, tropical fruit (banana, mango, rum soaked raisins), butter-rich pastry, honey and baking spices. The initial taste confirms what your nose sensed. It’s sweet with caramel but dry and not cloying, the medium weight body delivering more oaky vanilla and pastry, with a consummate finish that lingers for considerable time before tapering away.




35% ABV


0.75 L